KBB Software

Sell More Used Cars!

At Pro-MotionPix, we don't believe car dealers should be spending their time entering data into multiple places. Our user friendly Kelly Blue Book Vehicle Booking Software to allow dealers to quickly and accurately determine the KBB recommended retail and wholesale pricing. All the dealer needs to do is enter the vehicle’s VIN number and the software deconstructs the VIN code and delivers the vehicle’s profile and price. Or the dealer can simply select the year, make, model, condition, and trim from the handy drop-down menus. If the information isn’t accurate for that specific vehicle, it’s easy for the dealer to add or delete items. Save that lookup for later and book your next vehicle.


  • Easy to use interface for quick vehicle lookups
  • The KBB Booking Software delivers the vehicle’s price in seconds
  • The software saves you time to let you concentrate on selling more used cars
  • Super fast lookups by VIN or vehicle profile